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Bass Fishing - Tue, Jun. 7, 2016

Fishing close to Auburn University throughout most of Day 2, Louisiana State University at Shreveport had a similar pattern pegged on the upper end of Pickwick Lake. After taking the thirty five minute ride to their first spot, Kimbrough and Deramus picked up an assortment of baits that led them to bring in a two day total of 38.58lbs.

"We had five schools total that we fished today with a big crankbait, a flutter spoon, a jigging spoon, and a drop shot," said Kimbrough. "One of the keys to catching them off the ledges is something that we talked about with Auburn on the water, and that's if you idled over your schools of fish first to see if they were still there then you wouldn't get them to bite. You just had to pull up on your waypoint and in the first ten casts; you'd know if the fish were there or not."

Kimbrough and Deramus had mutual feelings about fishing side by side with Auburn in the fact that though you may have found a spot in practice, others most likely have found it too, and sharing spots can still lead to success.

"It was awesome to fish next to Auburn today. Those guys are really cool," said Kimbrough. "Usually when people fish ledges together, people complain about who found it first and coming to close to other boats, but today they pulled up next to us and asked if they could make a few casts near us and we said absolutely. They caught three of their keepers and we caught two of ours. We didn't argue, we didn't fight, we just helped each other out and tried to catch fish and it turns out we each had a great day."

Coming from a community of shallow water anglers back in Louisiana, Kimbrough and Deramus are happy to prove that Louisiana boys are much more versatile than some may have thought.

"I'm pretty stoked about the turnout. Everyone in the top five lives on ledge lakes like Pickwick, Eufaula, and Guntersville, and we live on the Red River which is about as far from ledge fishing as it can get, so I'm really happy with our finish."

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